Indian Agriculture

India Agriculture

Rabi grain
• It is sown in October-November and harvested in March-April. Such as wheat, barley, gram, peas, lentils, mustard etc.

Cash crop
• It is sown in June-July and harvested in October. Such as rice, maize, cotton, jowar, sugarcane, millet, tobacco, pulses etc.

Zayed crops
• It is sown in March and harvested in May-June. Like- Cucumber, Cucumber, Watermelon, Melon etc. – Cash crop This is the crop that is grown by farmers for the purpose of trade. Such as cotton, sugarcane, jute, tobacco etc.

Jhum Cultivation
It is an unstable type of agriculture that keeps on moving from one place to another.
This agriculture is prevalent in the northeastern states of Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram, Nagaland etc. In this, the land is cleared by cutting forests, cutting trees.
After this the land is cultivated. After 2-3 years this land is abandoned and new land is created. In this way, forests are wiped out one after another.
This farming is harmful to the environment because the environmental balance is disturbed by the elimination of forests.
Jhoom farming is also practiced in other countries of the world where it is called by different names.
Jhoom farming country
Ladang Malaysia

Changin (philippines) philippines

Milpa Mexico

Konuko (Venezuela)

Majole Zaire Basin

Chyna (Chena) Sri Lanka

State-wise agricultural production (in descending order) production in thousand tons (in the year 2009-10)
Rice (1) West Bengal (2) Punjab (3) Uttar Pradesh

Wheat (1) Uttar Pradesh (2) Punjab (3) Haryana

Jowar (1) Maharashtra (2) Karnataka (3) Madhya Pradesh

Bajra (Bazra) (1) Rajasthan (2) Uttar Pradesh (3) Haryana

Mecca (Miaze) (1) Karnataka (2) Andhra Pradesh (3) Maharashtra

Total food grains (1) Uttar Pradesh (2) Punjab (3) Madhya Pradesh

Gram (1) Madhya Pradesh (2) Maharashtra (3) Andhra Pradesh

Arhar (Pulse) (1) Maharashtra (2) Madhya Pradesh (3) Karnataka

Groundnut (1) Gujarat (2) Andhra Pradesh (3) Tamil Nadu

Rapeseed and Mustard (1) Rajasthan (2) Haryana (3) Madhya Pradesh

Cotton (Thousand Bells) (1) Gujarat (2) Maharashtra (3) Andhra Pradesh.

Jute Thousand Bells (1) West Bengal (2) Bihar (3) Assam

Coffee (1) Karnataka (2) Kerala (3) Tamil Nadu

Tea (1) Assam (2) West Bengal (3) Tamil Nadu

Natural Rubber (1) Kerala (2) Tamil Nadu (3) Karnataka

Coconut (1) Kerala (2) Tamil Nadu (3) Karnataka

Sugar Cane (1) Uttar Pradesh (2) Maharashtra (3) Karnataka

Tobacco (1) Andhra Pradesh (2) Gujarat (3) Karnataka

Potato (1) Uttar Pradesh (2) West Bengal (3) Bihar

Total silk (thousand kg) (Silk) (1) Andhra Pradesh (2) Karnataka (3) West Bengal

Banana (1) Maharashtra (2) Tamil Nadu (3) Gujarat

Black Pepper (1) Kerala (2) Karnataka (3) Tamil Nadu

Soyabean (1) Madhya Pradesh (2) Maharashtra (3) Rajasthan

Oilseeds (1) Madhya Pradesh (2) Rajasthan (3) Gujarat

Sheep (thousand) (Sheep) (1) Andhra Pradesh (2) Rajasthan (3) Karnataka

Total Milk (Milk) (1) Uttar Pradesh (2) Punjab (3) Rajasthan

State (2005)Wastelands kmShout Area % Of
Jammu and Kashmir7020269.24
Andhra Pradesh4526716.45

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